Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Surprise Christmas

A Surprise Christmas

What if Christmas took us by surprise,
One morning, it was there with the sunrise!
No time for anxious planning or hurried shopping,
No crowded shops, depleted stocks or endless traffic.
No subtle hints, card lists or postal hassles,
No elaborate feasts, flashy pageants or riotous celebration.

Only time to welcome the day and exclaim,
" 'Tis our Lord's birthday!"
Time to give thanks for love sent into the world,
Time to share that love with those we meet
And, perhaps, bring a hungry soul to His table.

Time to commune with God through His Word and prayer,
To stand with our hand in His, our dear friend,
our older brother, our Lord.
Just time to share love; God's love for man,
our love for each other.
Time for a smile, a kind word, a hug.

Oh!, may Christmas surprise us every day.

Copyright 2002© Willie E. Weaver 
All rights reserved.  Its is unlawful to reproduce 
this in any form without the express permission 
of the author.
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