Wednesday, May 6, 2015

For Mother's Day 2015

Who was Willie Mae Weaver 
A while after the death of my father, my Mother took a correspondence
course in writing.  In going through her files I found some of the lessons
which she submitted.  One of the lessons contained the following phase:

“Who am I?  What am I?  Where am I?  Surely, somewhere 
deep inside, there is an individual with its own identity.”

It seems that up until the time of my father’s death she had only seen
herself as Mama and Papa Hallman’s daughter and then as Dewey’s 
wife.  Now, at age 51, she faced the world on her own and was not quite 
sure if she knew how to relate to the world on her own.  Those who 
knew her, know that she managed life very well on her own.

But I will try give at least a partial answer to her questions.
  “WHO and What AM I ?”

She was Mama Hallman’s helper with the kitchen and household chores.

When Grandma and Grandpa Avery came to live with them, she
became their nurse maid even though it would mean that she would 
miss the last two years of high school.

However, she remained a life-long student who loved to learn and
aspired to become a doctor or nurse following in the footsteps of 
Grandma Avery and Great-grandfather, Dr. Wooley.

She was an avid reader and she consumed many volumes of print,
especially anything that explained  the how and why of what was 
happening in the world and around her.

She loved Gospel Music and added her alto voice to the harmonies
of various small groups, quartets and congregations.

 She was chief clerk and assistant manager of a  series of Dewey’s
 grocery stores.

 She was the bookkeeper of Dewey’s wholesale fishing pole and
tackle business.

 She was Mother Confessor and Psychiatrist to  many friends,
neighbors and kinfolks.  At times she would issue some sage advice, 
but mostly she would provide a listening ear and some kind words.

She was the kindhearted Justice-of-the-Peace  who seldom levied a
fine but would deliver a stern lecture when needed.

 She was one of those independent Southern  women who thought
for herself and would tell it  like it was with a smile.

 She was a child of God through the blood of  Jesus.

 She was a Sunday school teacher and bible  scholar .

She was the mother and life long care-giver to my sister, Nancy.

 She was a visiting angel at Heritage Nursing  home.

She was the smiling face that brought daily cheer to her fellow
residents at Presbyterian Apartments in Tuscaloosa and Mayfair 
Towers in Huntsville.

She was a loving sister and sister-in-law.

She was the mother and inspiration for Billy 
And a loving mother-in-law to Anne.

She was a grandmother, great grandmother and 
great-great grandmother.

Mama and Papa Hallman named  her “Willie Mae”.
Her siblings called her “Bill”.
Dewey called her “Miss Mae”.
Nancy and Billy called her “Mother”.
The grandchildren called her “Granny”
Many called her “Friend”.

Five years ago Jesus called her home.


  1. She was a true friend to many people, especially me. Took me on many outings and trips. I remember she saved soap coupons and got every one of her nieces a birthstone ring. Such a giving person. I still miss her even today.

  2. I either talked in person or by phone to Miss May each time I was in T-town. She made me part of the family. Still miss her too. Mike Canavan


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