Monday, October 8, 2018



Jeremiah 31:15       Matthew 2:18

I once heard a rendition of the old Irish protest song, 
"The Wearing of the Green". It is seldom heard in these 
days of political correctness and is virtually outlawed
in the British Isles. 

I was intrigued enough to go to Google and read more 

about it.  It was written during the Irish fight for 
independence from England and became
the anthem of that movement.

For days after that, I could not get its catchy 
tune and biting words out of my head. 
Somewhere along the way, the phrase,

     "Oh Paddy dear, have you heard
      the news that's going round?
      The shamrock is forbid by law 
      to grow on Irish ground;...."


     "Oh, Rachel dear, have you heard          
      the news that’s going round?
      The slaughter of the innocents 
       in this and every town..."

Over many weeks, other phrases began 
to fall into place.  It was not a pleasant process but I felt that I had to follow it to 
its conclusion. I often had to stop just to rest
my emotions.

A presentation about CHOOSE LIFE at our church gave 
me the push to bring it to a conclusion.  


Oh, Rachel dear, have you heard the news that’s going round?
The slaughter of the innocents in this and every town.
They talk about the right to choose, it makes me shed a tear?
They’re killing unborn babies, a million more each year.

I dreamed of the Babe, Mary, Joseph down in Egypt Land,
They asked,”How is blessed U S of A, just how does it stand?“
Ah, ‘tis still greatly blessed but in the throes of decay,
Herod’s spawn has been set loose, what more can I say?

An industry of blood, they are feeling no more guilt or shame.
Mothers, Doctors, Judges, Press, seem to think it’s just a game.
How can there be a right to end those little lives so dear?
Insist there’s a higher law and you’re met with a sneer.

A woman’s right to choose trumps the children’s right to life. 
Gestation’s fruit, inconvenience, ended by a surgeon’s knife.
Once, there were laws against such dastardly deeds and crimes,
But misguided judges distort the law in these modern times.

There’s no sanctity of life; it’s written in the law, so they say. 
Can these laws be changed if we just vote, preach, and pray?
No, the change that’s needed is in the darken hearts of man.
So we, each, must spread the love of JESUS everywhere we can.

“It’s a baby not a lump of clay.” Remember this as we vote.
And from the pulpits, we must proclaim what GOD has wrote.
Falling on our knees with love and hope, earnestly, lift up 
In love, those who feel they must drink from this bitter cup.
          Copyright © 2009 Willie E. Weaver

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